Lava Checklist is continually undergoing improvements and development. This page highlights the improvements and features that have been implemented since the official release date.

Download the latest version here.

Version 1.x

V1.1.8 – Lava Checklist – July 19, 2024

Updated: Emergency communications library
Fixed: Bug fixed in library display images

V1.1.7 – Lava Checklist – July 6, 2024

Updated: Library content resources

V1.1.6 – Lava Checklist – March 16, 2024

Fixed: Direction Finder destination menu now populates correctly

V1.1.5 – Lava Checklist – March 9, 2024

Fixed: Unit converter malformed display

V1.1.4 – Lava Checklist – March 4, 2024

Updated: Reference library
Updated: Unit converter

V1.1.3 – Lava Checklist – February 12, 2024

New feature: Direction finder
Updated: Utility menu scrolls when keyboard is present
Updated: Navigation Bar improvements

V1.1.2 – Lava Checklist – December 22, 2023

New feature: GPS Locator (capture location without internet)
Updated: Deprecated alert types to new
Updated: Utility menu engine and aesthetic update
Updated: Library – Navigation
Updated: Terms of use
Fixed: Button formats are now standardized
Fixed: Links to phone settings for Lava-Checklist specific items

V1.1.1 – Lava Checklist – October 28, 2023

New feature: Reference Library – Unit Converter
Updated: Library multiple-uses-for items
Fixed – Icon library not presenting proportionally

V1.1.0 – Lava Checklist – October 17, 2023

Fixed: Removed excess space on library cell label
Fixed: Disappearing multi-use-for icon on refresh
Updated: Library ‘more info’ header
Updated: Library data

V1.0.9 – Lava Checklist – October 5, 2023

Fixed: Back button on prep pops correctly
New Feature: Haptics

V1.0.8 – Lava Checklist – September 27, 2023

Fixed: Navigation bar correctly ‘pops’ page
Fixed: Whistle volume resets or original
Update: Whistle feature shows warning prior to full volume

V1.0.7 – Lava Checklist – September 21, 2023

Updated: Reference library database content added
Fixed: Label message header in library night colors fixed
Fixed: License process bug addressed

V1.0.6 – Lava Checklist – September 8, 2023

Updated: Reference library database content added
Fixed: Session state exit fixed memory cleanup
Fixed : Scroll back from utility menu glitch

V1.0.5 – Lava Checklist – August 29, 2023

Updated: Session ID correctly displaying
Fixed: Incorrect function reference forces unwanted display behavior
Updated: Reference library database added content

V1.0.4 – Lava Checklist – August 18, 2023

Fixed: Bug with color palate when switching to night mode
Fixed: Error when debug verbose mode is enabled
Updated: Emergency audio alarm now defaults to full volume

V1.0.3 – Lava Checklist – August 15, 2023

Fixed: Adjust feedback form view when keyboard is shown
Fixed: Color mismatch on text/background when switching to dark mode
Fixed: Scrolling views now re-size properly in accordance to text size set by the accessibility setting

V1.0.2 – Lava Checklist – July 13th, 2023

Updated: Improved UI on the reporting screen
Fixed: Stability issue with preparation list management

V1.0.1 – Lava Checklist – May 28th, 2023

Updated: Terms of use updated
Fixed: Bug with screen transition to utilities menu

V1.0.0 – Lava Checklist – May 22nd, 2023

Launched: App is Free, perpetual license for iPhone