We have reached a point in the app’s development where it is time to begin publicly beta testing. This is every exciting for us as it represents a highly-anticipated next step.

How To Download the App

Simply complete the form below, and you will be emailed detailed instructions.

What Beta Testing Means

For a limited time, anyone will be able to download and keep a copy of the app (for FREE).

In return we would like your feedback:

  • Your overall thoughts about the app
  • Where can we improve – How can we make the app better?
  • Relevance – did the app add value to your emergency response and disaster preparations?

How to give us feedback

Feedback is completely optional. The feedback methods we prefer are:

  • Via the Test Flight app
  • Via the Lava Checklist app. Go to the app’s home screen -> Settings -> Developer feedback
  • Using our web contact form
  • Emailing us: support@projectLava.com

In addition to the Beta Testing program, you will be added to our newsletter.

  • You may unsubscribe from both at any time.
  • You may remove the app from your phone at any time.

The terms and conditions can be found here.

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